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Cantina Giuliano


Cantina Giuliano Winery is located in the small village of Casciana Alta, in the heart of Tuscany inside a building used for the last 250 years for winemaking and olive oil production.

Lara’s grandfather, Giuliano, was a farmer like his father, his grandfather and probably his great grandfather before him. He produced wine, olive oil, fruits (peaches, apricots, prunes, cherries…) and grain. After his sudden and tragic passing, his children tried to keep up the family land and production of oil and wine on top of their ordinary jobs but resigned themselves to the impossibility of it and sold off most of the land and all the winemaking equipment.

When Eli started learning winemaking and directing himself more and more towards the creation of a winery, it only seemed logical to make the most of the land and building Lara’s grandfather had left behind. We thus named the winery after him and tried the best we could
to go back to the production of wine with a sense of place and tradition, but adding to it the kosher dimension, in order for Jews to finally have access to genuine Tuscan kosher wine.

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