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Goose Bay

Country: New Zealand
Wine maker(s): Matthew Rutherford


Goose Bay’s approach to winemaking is rather simple. Goose Bay’s winemakers also don’t believe in building a winery business by constantly talking about how great they are. They are in the business because they love the life… the viticulture, the winemaking, the marketing and the people they work with and meet.

They also love doing unusual and challenging things…such as kosher and Compassion wines. They enjoy doing all these things and if they can make the world a little better through the promotion of these wines, then so be it.

About the Winemaker

Philip Jones is the Managing Director & Senior Winemaker. Philip founded the winery in 1990 and has guided it through its critical growth stage.

Mathew Rutherford, winemaker and manager, has been with the winery since 1991.

He has earned his position as Winemaker and Manager through dedication and hard work. His skills in making a diverse range of wines is to be applauded.

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